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XL American Bully female puppy playing outside

Name: Blueberry’s Bourbon

Weight: 125lbs

Height: 22in

Head: 23″

About Bourbon: This is Bourbon and this girl is on fire! She is one of Bossy Rome’s daughters and is built like a tank. Weighing at 120lbs, this girl is large and in charge. She is the star of the yard at Camp Bullies and is going to make some major moves. Her favorites are her tennis ball and belly rubs. She is very family oriented and loves to just hang out. Out of all the patients at our veterinarian office, she is one of their favorite visitors!

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xl american bully female dog in grass outside

Name: Gamara GiGi

Weight: 90lbs

Height: 21in

Head: 22″

About Gigi: Our sweet girl Gigi, with her perfect structure and sweet eyes that make you melt. She has a perfect bully head and a straight back at any angle. She is one of the daughters of GR CH Almighty Bullyz Vybz Kartel and is going to continue to pass that champion blood to her offsprings produced at Camp Bullies. She has an amazing sweet temperament and loves to play ball all day.

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XL American Bully outside in yard standing in grass

Name: Jewel

Weight: 95lbs

Height: 19in

Head: 23″

About Jewel: The Crowned Jewel of Camp Bullies. This girl is the definition of bully with her thick body and big ole booty. She is a black Tri with very correct features and amazing feet. She is very sweet and playful pup that enjoys running and rolling around the yard. Her pedigree is stacked and we some big plans for her.

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american bully xl dog outside mouth open

Name: In Your Dreams aka Dream

Weight: 105

Height: 21″

Head: 24″

About Dream: Dream is the future of Camp Bully Kennels. We look forward to watching her grow and do big things. She is a very happy, well behaved puppy that loves to gives hugs. This girl plays hard and sleeps even harder (hence the name Dream). She is Coleone’s LowKey daughter and her pedigree is slam packed of the best including: show stoppin ace, 2x Primeyard’s Butterscotch, 2x Bossy Adios, Bossy Rambo, Coleone’s Payday, EBI’s Joker, Bossy Staxx, and more!!! Watch out because the bully world will be dreaming over this one!

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XL American Bully outside in yard standing in grass

Name: Pixie Dust

Weight: 80lbs (Still growing)

Height: 19in (Still growing)

Head: 23″ (Still growing)

About Pixie: Pixie is a very sweet, playful girl with a great temperament. She has a deep love for her family, pack, and life in general. She loves play time and loves to be around kids. This girl is short and thick and I Predict She will be over 100lbs. soon. Her pedigree includes, 3x Bossy’s Adios, Shoes Chics Dig It, Bossy’s Gypsy, King Zion, Show Stopping Ace, Primeyard’s Butterscotch, and more! We have big plans for this beauty and can’t wait to see her blow up the bully world.

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